Skin Tags

Skin tags are small flesh-coloured, pink or brown growths which appear on the skin, usually due to friction. They present no medical threat, but people often choose to have them removed for cosmetic reasons or due to discomfort. These flaps of skin are very common, particularly on the neck, armpits and groin, and our dermatologists have performed many skin tag removals.

Problematic Skin Tags

Skin tags can not only cause embarrassment and self-consciousness, but also pain. Some skin tags have a stalk-like peduncle which makes them stick up from the skin. These can be especially painful if they get twisted, rubbed hard or caught on clothing. There is also the risk of shaving them accidentally, causing bleeding and scaring. Obese people and those with type 2 diabetes mellitus often have numerous skin tags on their bodies, which can cause widespread discomfort. Fortunately, removal of problematic skin tags can be performed quickly, with minimal pain.

Why Visit a Clinic for Skin Tag Removal?

Some people may choose to carry out a skin tag removal procedure themselves at home; however, we strongly advise against this as it can present problems such as bleeding and scarring. Even for small flaps of skin, we recommend seeing a medical professional who can remove the skin tag safely, leaving little evidence behind. Expert treatment is especially important for removing skin tags on the eyelids or genitalia.


Ablative Radiofrequency under topical anaesthesia. Post treatment a topical antibiotic will be given for application.

Skin Tags treatment

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